Lecturer in Food Processing Technology

 Phone: +91-9854018297

 E-mail: parmita.gogoi7@gmail.com

Area of Interest: Food Chemistry, Food Product development, Nanotechnology, Waste management

Educational Qualification

M.Tech in Food Engineering and Technology (Tezpur University), 2016-2018

B.Tech in Food Engineering and Technology. (Tezpur University), 2012-2016


1. Effect of optimized ultrasound-assisted aqueous and ethanolic extraction of Pleurotus citrinopileatus mushroom on total phenol, flavonoids and antioxidant properties (DOI: 10.1111/jfpe.13172)

Project/ Research Experience

1. Evaluation of nutritional value and antioxidant activity of Oyster mushroom and it’s incorporation in fruit juices for enrichment.

2.Conjugation of cellulose nanoparticles and soy protein hydrolysate in development of Pickering emulsion based encapsulating system.

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